Why Build an Antique Computer?

There's something about antiques... they're just cool. As an antithesis, most computers are very bland and generic looking. For something I use as much as I do, something that seems to be a centerpiece of my home not only for myself but for friends and visitors (Can I check my messages?) I wanted something neat. Special, cool, something that reflects my personality...

Yes, it would be nice if people saw it and gave me lots of compliments.. "Cool!" "Wow!" "You built that?" I can't deny it, I like compliments.

So why not? Just about everything has been made into a work of art. Toasters have gotten back the style they once had. Even a juicer or a mixer can have a certain classic style. Andy Warhol saw the art in product packaging. You can even order custom sofas on the internet if you can't find one you like in a furniture store.

I've always liked the SteamPunk genre of science fiction. The Secret Advetures of Jules Verne. The fabulous interior of the TARDIS in the 1998 Doctor Who Movie (pictured above). The Difference Engine. The Time Machine (both movie versions had excellent props).

So that's what this page is about.. what I built, how I built it, why I buillt it and how it turned out. I'll make updates as my antique computer system grows, so drop a bookmark and check back often.

It's going to take time, but what hobby doesn't?