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Because I needed a place to keep them all!

I decided one day that I wanted to learn to play chess. It had long been one of those unfulfilled childhood things and I never quite felt complete not knowing. It seemed to be "that game that smart people play" and even though I consider myself intelligent, I just needed Chess to feel whole. You understand.

At the time, I lived near a fun hippie cafe where all the beatniks would gather to drink coffee, smoke and play chess. I couldn't have the full experience if I didn't know how to play. So I set out to find my first chess set. I didn't know if I would even like chess so I didn't want to spend a lot of money. Naturally, I looked on eBay and found a very simple and inexpensive chess set. I no longer have it and I never really liked it very much but I did learn to play.

I eventually wanted a bigger, better, nicer, more asthetically pleasing chess set. But once again it was simple utilitarian necessity that helped me choose my second set: every outdoor table at the cafe wobbled terribly and just leaning your elbow on the table could upset a game beyond recovery. So I wanted my next set to be magnetic. I still have that one. So far it is the only magnetic set I have and it is a bit more comely than the first cheap one. I got the magnetic set on eBay too.

I have a genetic malfunction and I think I get it from my father. I collect things. I can't just get a new computer; I have to keep the old one stored somewhere. I can't just get a chess set and be happy; I have to find cool sets, beautiful sets, antique sets, big sets, rare sets... and I discovered a few chess variations to keep things interesting. When I find something I like, I have to have it. Maybe I get that shopping gene from my mother. Maybe it was a bad combination of a collector and a shopper that produced a child like me. Anyway, I now have enough chess sets to open a small museum, so that's what I'm going to do here.

I've also started stumbling onto various games that I could get for free or for such a small price that it seemed a waste NOT to take them. So, in addition to all my chess sets, I also have plenty of other games. The collection has filled up one of my bookcases and one day soon I'm going to want to put books back in it. *Sigh*

Anyway, I hope you enjoy looking through the collection. I tell people that none of my collection is for sale but if you see something you want it never hurts to make an offer. :)

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If you'd like to send me an email, my address is Michael AT Tree Monkey DOT net. Enjoy your visit!

* A note about the asterisks you see... Since I have to take pictures and write a bit about each chess set, it's going to take some time. The menu includes everything I plan to add here, but the pages themselves will appear one at a time. If you see a * on the menu, that just means I haven't gotten to that set yet.




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