I Dream of Jim Beam Jeannie Bottles

Original Works of Art for Auction

Barbara Eden holding one of the original bottles used on the show.

My name is Michael and I'm a 36 year-old artist who lives in Dallas. Thank you for your interest in these hand-painted original works of art. I created this page so that you can bookmark it and contact me concerning my auctions. As soon as I have finished bottles that I'm working on, I'll photograph them and post pictures here.

(see updates at the bottom of this page)


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News and Updates

Things have been going rather slowly lately and I'm sorry to say I don't have a lot of free time to paint bottles, but I am trying! Most likely, the next bottle I have up for sale will be another original design intended to look old and distressed (similar to Gallery #005)

Sometime soon I'll be selling the First Season gold vine version of Jeannie's bottle, as seen in the black and white episodes. I've painted one (See Gallery for #001) but I want to keep it. Soon I'll paint another one to sell.

I am also working on a design for Hadji's bottle. As the king of the Djinn, he should have a bottle fit for a king, don't you think? It's going to be solid gold with the design laid out in multicolored jewels. I'm still shopping for supplies on this one, but it should be stunning. I'm planning to make this a limited edition of about ten bottles if the first one seems to be popular. J