All About Jeannie Bottles

As you may or may not know, the prop used in I Dream of Jeannie was a special edition Christmas decanter that was sold by Jim Beam in 1964. It had a Jim Beam label on it and was full of bourbon, of course.

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The bottle was painted for use as Barbara Eden's home as a Jeannie who was released from her bottle and lived with her astronaut master (Larry Hagman) in Cocoa Beach, FL. I Dream of Jeannie was one of the most popular television shows of the 60's and has remained a popular re-run up to the present.


What I do as an artist, classic t.v. junkie and Jeannie fan is to locate and obtain these Jim Beam bottles so I can recreate the Jeannie coloring and details that were used on the show as closely as possible.

Jeannie had two bottles. The first season was black and white, and her bottle was very simple with gold leaf designs on top of the natural dark color of the glass. When the series went color, so did her bottle and we saw the more commonly recognized purple bottle.

Occasionally I plan to paint other designs, such as the Blue Djinn, Jeannie's Sister's Bottle, and I'm also creating a few completely original designs of my own.

I prefer to paint original glass 1964 Jim Beam bottles, but if a copy is made, it is one that I have molded and cast myself so that I control the quality of workmanship and materials.

I only use bottles that are in perfect condition without any chips or cracks. I have strict standards of quality in this matter. If I obtain a bottle with a cork that is below my standards I'll replace it, but otherwise the glass bottles I paint are the real McCoy, almost 40 years old.

Artistic Process

I first clean off any labels, oils, adhesives, etc.

The next step is to apply a coat of high-bond primer. This insures that the paint (and sometimes jewels) added to the bottle will be durable so that the bottle will be an heirloom to be treasured for years to come.

The process of painting the details on each bottle is done by hand and is matched as closely as possible to the original. You are not buying a mass-produced reproduction; this is a unique piece of art. The designs are painted on the bottle using a tough enamel paint. Once it's dry it is reasonably durable, though of course care must be taken to prevent chipping and peeling. I also apply a top coat of clear acrylic to protect the painted surface.

Each bottle will arrive with a certificate stating the date it was completed, its number in my bottle series, and a note about care and cleaning.

Each bottle is signed and dated on the bottom by myself, the artist.

The Fine Print

Created by Sidney Sheldon, I Dream of Jeannie is under copyright. As an artist, my only intention is to pay tribute to a television program that I have loved all of my life and to share original works of art with others who feel the same way. I have no intention of violating any copyrights held by anyone concerning I Dream of Jeannie or Jim Beam. No individual artist has exclusive rights to reproduce the Jeannie Bottle, not even Mario.