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Blogs are the most self-indulgent, vain and wasteful things to come along since the Sport Utility Vehicle. No one wants to read what you have to say. Get real. Stories about your cat or why your twat itches or who you're going to vote for (as if you vote) just don't interest anyone but you. There's no reason to have a blog if no one is going to read it.

Now you have a whole NEW way to waste your time. You can read MY blog! If you don't have an opinion, I'll give you mine. If you don't know who to vote for, I'll tell you what to do. If you're one of the people I complain about, I'll show you how to mend your ways. If you disagree with me I'll explain to you why you're wrong. Fun and educational; your mother would be proud of you.

Over there on the left... What? Nothing? Try clicking here. Is that better? Now, as I was saying, do pay attention, is that on the left side of the screen all my blog entries are arranged by category. Loosely.

Okay, I admit MOST of them could be put under "Complaining" and then we wouldn't need so many other subjects. I tried to break them up by WHY I'm complaining. See?

If you're a big fan and don't want to miss a single golden word, then scroll down the listings and you'll come to the same blogetries arranged chronologically. Yes, by date, that's right.

Bookmark this page and when you come back you can see what's been added since your last visit. I'm full of things to say, so just wait. You'll see.

People always say to me, "You're a smartass." What do I say back to them? "It's better than being a dumbass."




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